gHAI is targeted at improving the prevailing deplorable condition of living for those living with the virus in our society


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the depth of our hearts for partnering with us in reaching out in love at gemHIV/AIDS INITIATIVE (gHAI). We started gem WOMAN’S HIV/AIDS INITIATIVE (gHAI) in 2008, as a faith based community investment project, established for the purpose of improving the lives of the less privileged and those living with HIV/AIDS, providing them with physical, mental and spiritual succour; such that they gain renewed hope for living, empowering them to be independent, and ultimately positive contributors to the society.

This project has only been sustained by the mercies of God and your unrelenting love and commitment towards helping Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to gain access to proper health management (in terms of distribution of drugs, payment of hospital bills, etc.), housing, nutrition, clothing, education and finance. With your support, for 14 consecutive years, the gHAI team has been impacting lives by improving the prevailing deplorable condition of living of the victims of HIV/AIDS, feeding children, who attend school without proper breakfast, organizing HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and seminars in schools and community centres, empowering youths with computer based skills and catering for the varying needs of the less privileged, especially youths and women in our society.

On behalf of the children, their families and the entire team of gem WOMAN’S HIV/AIDS INITIATIVE (gHAI), we want to thank everyone who contributed to the 2021 edition of gHAI Christmas Children party. We are so blessed to have your support.

Thanks to your generous donation, we were able to celebrate Christmas and provide for 153 children, their parents and 27 health workers, giving them, clothes, shoes, children’s toys, raw food stuff and food packs, thereby rekindling hope and giving the children and their families a taste of Christmas. In addition, 4 children are being given scholarships as back to school package. May God repay your efforts, hard work, and all your sacrifices for all the things you have done and may He grant you provision for all that you need to fulfil destiny. We are extremely grateful for this show of love to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). We express our thanks and appreciation for sincerely finding it in your hearts to rekindle the rays of joy and hope in the hearts and souls of these delightful children.

As the world is experiencing an unstable economy currently, the biggest problem for gHAI children is financial insufficiency. These children would not be able to access quality life nor afford excellent medical care without financial sustenance. We look forward to your continued support, as we strive to keep hope alive. We would be grateful to you for your generous gifts and they will go a long way towards taking care of the children and enhancing a better society for us all. For your supports, kindly click on the GIVE TODAY icon on the right top corner of the screen. We pray God’s awesome power, grace and favour will continually magnify your efforts for greater results; and may He supply all your needs according His unending possessions.

We hope to work together again and touch more lives this year by the grace of God.

Again, gemHIV/AIDS INITIATIVE (gHAI) appreciates your significant contributions. We are so obliged. Thank-you!

Have a glorious new year, filled with God’s mercies.

God bless you,
Bolanle Olawale
Founder; gHAI


GHAI serves hundreds of children and their families by providing: Healthy food, Pediatric medical and dental care support

Give the Gift of LOVE!

Your gift could transform the life of a child living in poverty today. Together, we can PRESERVE THE NEXT GENERATION, one child at a time!


Back to School

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In our 10 years, we have supported 20,000 children with supplies.

Feed –A-Child-A-Day

Many children in NIGERIA suffer from hunger and even one meal a day could save their lives.

Build the Library

Access to information and knowledge is a great equalizer. It enriches lives, informs choices, and prepares people for meaningful employment and contribution to their communities.

Christmas parties for children living with HIV/AIDS

Every year, GHAI is dedicated to providing economical and emotional support to low-income families living with HIV/AIDS and hosts a Christmas party for more than 250 children living with or affected by AIDS.

Computer training for the youth

The main objective of this project is to give good quality informal computer education for FREE to poor children. It is mainly offered to the children of poor families. It is open to all children

Support and empowerment of women and children living with HIV/AIDS

One of the key areas that Ghai seeks to further influence the reduction of new cases of HIV/ AIDS is through information and enlightenment.