Awareness Campaign

gHAI is committed to the cause of educating as many as we can, consequently curbing as drastically as possible the onslaught of HIV/AIDS. And this we do through our Awareness Campaigns, which we carry out in three-fold: our publication (gemWOMAN and gemMAN), gem events (Body, Soul and Spirit and Two Become One) and the school campaigns.

Continuous Visitation of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Partnership with LASUTH:

Twice in a month the gHAI team visit the Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) during the clinic days of people living with HIV/AIDS; 2nd Fridays for adult and 3rd Fridays for children. During these visitations, food, clothing, drugs, and more are distributed and most of the people depend on these supplies for sustenance. Since 2009, we have been organising Christmas parties for the children and adults; we try as much as possible to make the season as joyful for them as it can be. Some children are awarded scholarships during the celebrations, They get treated to delicious meals; clothes, shoes, party parks, food items, and lots more are distributed. It is an occasion both the young and old eagerly look forward to. We also visit the wards and share food, clothing to the children on admission as well as their parents. We pray for them and trust God for speedy healing of their ailments.

gHAI Christmas parties

We also organize yearly Christmas parties for the children and adults to put a smiles on their faces, trying to make the season as joyful for them as possible, they get treated to delicious meals, clothes, shoes, party packs, food items, and lots more are distributed. It is a day both young and old eagerly looks forward to. One interesting thing we do at this part which both parent and children look forward to is the presentation of scholarship to outstanding children and other children that are disabled The attendance at this meeting from 2008, varies from 300 to 1,500 in 2017. Average 300 children and 580 adults were reached by gHAI. In 2008 and2017 recorded 1,500 children while the adults are 800.


We counsel people living with HIV/AIDS on various issues; especially dealing with stigmatisation and relationships. A lot of the women are thrown out of their marital homes upon discovery of their positive status. These counselling sessions help to provide the needed emotional succour and help to go through these trying times.

Medical Support

Due to their status, most of these people are out of jobs and are financially handicapped, so often cannot pay their medical bills or afford drugs. Thus, we offer support through the provision of drugs, payment of medical bills, etc.

Educational Support- Scholarships, etc

we often have to pay the tuition of children living with HIV/AIDS or children of people living with HIV/AIDS, due to their financial incapability. We also give scholarships to outstanding students of schools in the community. Needed textbooks are also supplied to these schools to provide students with needed learning materials. Infrastructural supports are rendered to schools as school buildings are renovated, needed equipment and furniture supplied, etc.

Capacity Building

Most of these people are out of jobs, with no one wiling to employ them, thus are financially dependent on the goodwill of people. However, due to the prevailing economic condition, unemployment is a common phenomenon in the society, thus increased financial dependency. To alleviate this dependency, we organise vocational training for women and youths, as a means of ensuring their financial independence.

Care Centre

This is the ultimate goal of gHAI, to build a care-centre for people living with HIV/AIDS, where they will be taught entrepreneurial and vocational skills.

Setting Up of Small Scale Business Ventures

We provide start-up capital for small scale businesses, in furtherance of our aim to reduce financial dependence.


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