Back to School

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. In our 10 years, we have supported 20,000 children with supplies.

Feed A Child

Many children in NIGERIA suffer from hunger and even one meal a day could save their lives.

Build A Library

Access to information and knowledge is a great equalizer. It enriches lives, informs choices, and prepares people for meaningful employment and contribution to their communities.

Christmas parties for children living with HIV/AIDS

Every year, GHAI is dedicated to providing economical and emotional support to low-income families living with HIV/AIDS and hosts a Christmas party for more than 250 children living with or affected by AIDS.

Computer training for the youth

The main objective of this project is to give good quality informal computer education for FREE to poor children. It is mainly offered to the children of poor families. It is open to all children

Support and empowerment of women and children living with HIV/AIDS

One of the key areas that Ghai seeks to further influence the reduction of new cases of HIV/ AIDS is through information and enlightenment.


Your gift could transform the life of a child living in poverty today.Together, we can PRESERVE THE NEXT GENERATION, one child at a time!